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Saturday, February 28, 2009

How do we do performance and Load Testing using LoadRunner?

LOAD TESTING: First generate the script using virtual user generator or astra quick test. Run the generated script in the load runner controller. While doing this run time settings are to be modified according to the specifications required. Eg. ignore think time, ignore content in the application etc..
In run time settings, choose the numbers of virtual users to run the application simultaneously. let all the virtual users begin from the same point. Once you click start scenario the load test begins.
Points to consider after stopping the application:
1, The number of throughputs and hits per sec have to increase as the number of virtual users increases. If throughputs flattens, we can say there are network problems and if hits per second flattens, we say connection/network problems.
2, check that all the virtual users passed the application within the specified Response Time.

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