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Thursday, February 26, 2009

What Protocols does LoadRunner Support?

The Vuser types are divided into the following categories:
➤ All Protocols: a list of all supported protocols in alphabetical order.
➤ Application Deployment Solution: For the Citrix protocol.
➤ Client/Server: For DB2 CLI, DNS, MS SQL, ODBC, Oracle (2-tier), Sybase Ctlib, Sybase Dblib, and Windows Sockets protocols.
➤ Custom: For C templates, Visual Basic templates, Java templates, Javascript and VBscript type scripts.
➤ Distributed Components: For COM/DCOM, Corba-Java, and Rmi -Java protocols.
➤ E-business: For FTP, LDAP, Palm, Web (HTTP/HTML), Web Services, and the dual Web/Winsocket protocols.
➤ Enterprise Java Beans: For EJB Testing and Rmi-Java protocols.
➤ ERP/CRM: For Baan, Oracle NCA, Peoplesoft-Tuxedo, Peoplesoft 8, SAPGUI, SAP-Web, and Siebel (Siebel-DB2CLI, Siebel-MSSQL, Siebel-Web, and Siebel-Oracle) protocols.
➤ Legacy: For Terminal Emulation (RTE).
➤ Mailing Services: Internet Messaging (IMAP), MS Exchange (MAPI), POP3, and SMTP.
➤ Middleware: Jacada and Tuxedo (6, 7) protocols.
➤ Streaming: For MediaPlayer and RealPlayer protocols.
➤ Wireless: For i-Mode, VoiceXML, and WAP protocols.

Referrd by Loadrunner8.0 documentation guide.

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