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Thursday, February 26, 2009

What is rendezvous point?

Rendezvous Point is the point where all the Vusers arestopped at one point and are released at the same time as to obtain concurrency.
During a scenario, you can instruct multiple users to perform tasks simultaneously by inserting rendezvous point.It create intense load on the server and enables Load Runner to measure server performance.The users who arrive at this point wait for other users to come at the point and they simultaneously perform the task.We need to set the following in the rendezvous policy -Release policy - How many Vusers will be released from a rendezvous at a time.Timeout - How long the Controller waits before releasing Vusers from a rendezvous
It allow the Vusers to generate peak load on the server at the same time.For example if there are 100 Vusers, the rendevous point allow the 100 vusers to access the webpage at the same to check the peak load.

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